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How To Be Beautiful

how to be beautiful

Jenny Dyson, Creative Director of branding agency Pencil and founding publisher of The London Fashion Week Daily, spent 15 years working for the likes of Tatler, Vogue, ELLE and editing Teen Vogue before launching the cult, award-winning fashion zine RUBBISH. She now specialises in creative content.
‘How To Be Beautiful: A Helpful Guide For Those In Need’ is a playful instructional film that reminds us of how important it is to be a good hearted person. It doesn’t matter how tall, how short, how little, how lumpy or how leggy we are. We obsess about our appearance and wish for it to be different, but the truth is very simple: Being a beautiful person on the inside is what makes us glow.  The film, written and created by Jenny Dyson and co-directed with her ongoing collaborator Chris Floyd, stars three generations of the same family.

We simply LOVE it and we hope you do too. Please share & make others happy as well, thank you!


How To Be Beautiful