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Adorning The City Wall Of Essaouira With Air/Port Canvases

A:P banners on Bab Sbâa

It’s been quite a month here in Essaouira for team ‘Air/Port 2013’! First the hanging of the flags -now done for around 85%-, then installing the original art works in eleven (!) venues (basically meaning  creating separate, new 11 exhibitions in those locations, together with some of the art that was there already and that fit in our theme of the wind, the sea and the port), launching the event for the Moroccan authorities, artists and press and distributing the first 5000 flyers all over town – and some as far away as Marrakech!

Now the time has come to up the promotion, as we want as many people as possible to see the exhibition, be it in Essaouira or online. ‘Air/Port 2013′ is still running until September 5 and Essaouira is the perfect destination for an extraordinary city trip, so if you have the chance, please come visit us. And please share the news with your network, especially with connections from the media and the art world – and art collectors for our charity auction on September 7th!

Our latest feat was hanging the two huge 4.50 x  3m canvases that you see on the photo, depicting all our art flags and the expo circuit in French and Arabic, on the ancient city walls near Bab Sbâa. Of course we couldn’t just put some nails in the wall (it’s UNESCO World Heritage, after all), so we had to come up with another solution and that was to hang the canvases with fisherman’s cords wrapped around the turrets on top of the wall. Crafty, right?  Because it’s so windy in Essaouira and the canvases started to flap about as soon as they were hung, we also had to make many cuts in the fabric too, to allow some of the air to go through.

‘Air/Port 2013’ is a work in progress and we’re learning something new every day.  And we’re very happy to have brought even more beauty to wonderful Essaouira!