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Air/Port Is Now Open!


We’ve been in Essaouira for a few weeks now preparing the opening of our first international exhibition Air/Port and last Friday July 5th was the big day: the official opening at cultural space Dar Souiri! It was attended by the Governor of the Province of Essaouira, the Mayor of Essaouira, the deleguée of the Minister of Culture in Marroco, lots of other notables, a delegation of the press from Belgium and Marocco, plus many artists, students and art lovers.

Beside the 70 flags that line the ocean and that are also hung overhead in some of the narrow streets in the medina, we created exhibitions for the original art works (including two videos) in eleven (!) spaces, ranging from galleries and a museum to special art spaces, restaurants and a riad or two. These works will be auctioned for charity on September 7th. There’s a free map available pointing out all the participating venues, which you can visit at a leisurely pace, enjoying the charms of Essaouira as you go along. Visiting Air/Port is a lust this summer for everybody with a heart for art with a soul!

If  you can’t make it to Essaouira but want to check out the art works please click on ‘Air/Port’ at the top of this page to see the online gallery. It may take a minute to load but the short wait will be worth it!