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Designers Upcycle For A Good Cause -Or Two

Dress, made from 15 old grey T-shirts) by Veronique Branquinho

We are very happy and proud to present the first edition of Upcycling against AIDS, where fashion designers and fashion school students create new outfits out of second hand clothes. For this edition we worked with Belgian designers such as Veronique Branquinho- from 2018 we want to add international designers and fashion schools who in this way can show the world that old clothes can be used to create beautiful new designs. To add an extra layer of beauty, all outfits will be auctioned and all proceeds will be used for the project ‘Asia against AIDS-Back To Zero’ of non-profit Designers against AIDS.
‘Upcyling against AIDS’ is a production of BWI and Pardaf, Antwerp’s largest & oldest second hand store. Please keep coming back here for updates and/or check our Facebook Page!

Coat made from jeans and striped cotton skirts by Ann Buermans

Photography: Alexey Schlyk