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Y-Museum Debuts With ‘En Plein Air’ in Berlin’s Mauerpark

Mauerpark Berlin

Y-Museum was launched during Berlin Art Week 2020, with an event taking over the legendary Mauerpark on September 11th. ‘En plein air’ was an invitation to present artworks in the open, smart in times of COVID19.


Y-Museum -an open format organisation presented in multiple locations- was formed by artists Maria Marshall and Alexander Hidalgo (who is also part of the Beauty for a Better World team) in Berlin in 2020, with the focus on bringing forward relevant contemporary art exhibitions.


The exhibitors were Monika Oechsler, Maria Marshall, Andres Villareal, Max Cherny, Martin Hinze, Kat Wilhelm, ECDavies, Samet Durgun, Aga Paduch,  Boutson Boursiquot, Carl Oskar Linne, Cooper Lovano, Pierre Kaskys and Alexander Hidalgo.


The works presented during ‘En plein air’ ranged from sculpture to painting, performance to photography.

They were all shown open to the intervention and viewing of passers-by, both children and grown-ups.


Alexander Hidalgo’s ‘Déjeuner sur L’Herbe- Selfie Station’ was immediately understood as such and much used by the public for their personal portraits. It sure looked like fun!

Alexander Hidalgo


Works echoed the different practices that the park visitors usually perform and also spoke about the history of Berlin.


Monika Oechsler’ ‘Heimat’ (yoga mat) and ‘East/West’ (exercise block) reminded visitors of the yoga practitioners who use the park daily- but also of the history of the site of the park, where the Berlin Wall once stood.

Monika Oechsler



Maria Marshall’s ‘The Birth of Thought’ created a more enigmatic presence at the event, making observers think about how any location can be the birth of creativity -or simply surprise the viewer with the sight of an egg on its nest.

Maria Marshall


The ‘En plein air’ event was featured in the ‘Free Fall Berlin’ podcast with interviews of the artists by Tugba Esen.