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My first week as an intern

Beauty for a better world,

I never really sat down and thought about what I like in the world. Until Ninette asked me that question. The first things I came across were pictures of nature, vintage, art, etc. She replied that it’s very common for people to go for these. So my plan was to try to avoid these. I had to go deeper and look for things that you don’t expect to be beautiful. Also had not much to do these past weeks with this whole pandemic situation. Sitting at my desk with a cup of mint tea and bowl with a trail mix of nuts. Not knowing what I’m looking for, makes it almost impossible to describe it in the google search bar. And even then I will mainly get popular results. I’m looking for something personal and decide to just go on a journey in my head. Going through a whole lot of memories, trying to find small connections between them. I’m a person who can really enjoy being alone, but these past months of quarantine made me realise how much I miss family gatherings. And that’s when it striked me, I came to realize what I find beautiful in this world.  Mint Tea.

In Morocco it’s custom to serve your guests mint tea. It’s that one thing that’s always there.    I might just have made a connection between tea and family gatherings. Making it that tea reminds me or just delivers this warm feeling of comfort.




Fikri Zarioh, intern at Beauty Without Irony