Ninette Murk

Title: Misty Morning In My Garden
You know it when you see real beauty, as it touches you deep within. It’s also a physical reaction (intuition, reflex), it’s what makes us human and what connects us with all other people.
I took this photo in the spring of 2018 at around 5 AM, after another sleepless and painful night. In February of that year I had a spinal stroke and the after-effects took a long time to heal and are in fact still ongoing at the end of 2020.
I was feeling down, walked to the window and saw this view, of our back garden in the mist. Took this photo with my iPhone and immediately felt a lot happier again.
Nature has that effect: it's not only the greatest artist in the universe, it's also a fantastic healer. Let's take care of nature as well as we can- also in our own interest.