Phaedra Sinatra

Title: Autumn Forest
It's been heavy for all of us, these times, I was just taken again to a place that I barely remember. But I also found it by searching what is the thing that is beautiful for me in the midst of chaos. This time it's the forest (always been, but all over the world... This is my home one, that I didn't get to see much for a long time). It's my home hoods. Literally. I'm a traveller of spaces and times ... And been basically everywhere that was necessary to my growth. But I was taken back... Not just because of Covid-19. But because someone in my family is close to dying as well at this point...
It's hard. But it's part of the game of Life. In the end even the sadness is beautiful, because we're in that together as a family. So this picture portraits that... The Autumn of the forest, letting go... Sometimes even of the precious ones. Home. And the energetics that I see of it. Peace and love from the North.