Sigrid Beek

Title: The eye of Jis
This picture of my daughters’ eye represents an ode to both beauty and a better world to me. Not only because of its natural beauty. But also, because the eyes of a child invite me to look at the world in a more authentic, marvelled, unprejudiced and unconventional way. Abilities that most of the adult people have lost on their way to the age of consent. If we would look through the eyes of a child more often, we can go back to the age when social and cultural boundaries were not hindering us yet! So, here’s my advice to all the parents in the world: never ignore the fact that your young child suddenly halts in the middle of your hasty way from one appointment to the next because something caught its eye. Encourage it to stop and watch. This way, your child will learn to recognise and maybe even to create beauty later on. It will keep its eyes and mind open, so it will be more sensitive for beauty… That’s my idea of gently improving the world!