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Mission statement beauty without irony

How do we want to change the world? Together with you! Read more about our mission below.

NGO Beauty Without Irony (BWI) aims to make the world a better and more beautiful place by creating awareness campaigns for and by young people using elements from pop culture such as music, art, fashion, film, photography and social media.

Our message is that we all play our role in the world and if we want to change it into something better, we have to do this ourselves. This can be done locally for instance by volunteering, organizing a street party or an exhibition with work by you and your friends or on a larger and sometimes even a global scale.

Because people come in all shapes and sizes and have different convictions and beliefs, but when it boils down to it, we all want the same things: love and be loved, be healthy, do something useful in life and enjoy living. In other words, we have much more in common than things that separate us and if we can connect all that positive and creative energy that we possess and focus it on doing good, we can really make a difference.

Come on, let’s get happy

Photo by Ben Van Alboom