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This is Beauty Without Irony

How can Beauty without Irony help to raise awareness for issues that concern young people such as the environment, bullying, equality, healthy eating/living/think, non-violence, education -and of course safe sex?

BWI is a multi-platform creative and educational bureau organized around social change and charity engagement. BWI, otherwise known as Beauty Without Irony, began with the ambitious goal of making the world a more beautiful, charitable and socially harmonious place.

In 2000, BWI founded Designers Against AIDS (DAA) as an answer to the media ambivalence towards HIV / AIDS and safer sex practices. DAA targeted key fashion designers, musicians and other celebrities who have a young fan base to speak on behalf of DAA and to instigate conversations around responsible sex and personal health.

In 2006, DAA partnered with H&M to create yearly capsule collections under the co-brand Fashion Against AIDS, featuring reasonably priced / issue oriented pieces designed by celebrities such as Rihanna, Yoko Ono, Timbaland, Tokio Hotel, Cyndi Lauper… The collections ran for 5 years in over 40 countries worldwide and during this time raised a lot of awareness among youth and almost 9 million euros for 4 different HIV/AIDS organizations, enabling them to start new HIV prevention projects. Using DAA’s work as a successful model, BWI continues to expand its realm of social issues and charitable causes.

The latest project, started in June 2020, is named ‘Beauty for a Better World 2020′. It’s a reaction on the Covid-19 pandemic that has made many people worldwide anxious, stressed and/or depressed. We hope that sharing photos and other art works featuring pure beauty will bring new hope and inspiration to many.

Life is worth living!