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‘Translations’ By Valéry Grancher

Exhibition at Galerie Des Nouvelles Images in Hôtel Scribe, Paris

From September 20 until October 25 French artist and BWI participant Valéry Grancher will be showing an exhibition entitled ‘Translations’ at Galerie des Nouvelles Images in the Hôtel Scribe in Paris.

Valéry Grancher will show a series of videos, photographs and paintings done at the base of Ny Alesund in Svalbard (on the North Pole) and in the Amazon of the Shiwiars Indians. These works explore artistic, geographical and human territories.

The history of polar explorations is the subject of these works by Valéry Grancher that evokes the imagination of this region- Time expands, the sun never disappears, the elements dominate each other, from solid to liquid, liquid to gas, from mineral to organic. All these dynamic equilibria, at the end of winter, they reveal mineral veins under the guisse of a dirty white shroud. The wey and spongy gruond exposes a fogrotten life, made of carboniferous plants. Despite these reminiscences, you come across human traces that marks their pain and disappearances of hunters, trappers, sailors, miners and many others.

Pascale Cassagnau

Translations by Valéry Grancher,
Galerie des Nouvelles Images,
Hôtel Scribe,
1 Rue Scribe,
75009 Paris,