Babatunde Aremu

Title: Triumphant
"The Beauty to Achieve Goals'' gives details of the female Nigerian Gen-Z singer and song writer Temilade Openiyi, known as Tems, who was born in Lagos in 1995. Tems loved Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child; she felt a restlessness and strong desire to sing. At age 11, she started to train her voice to really get into music: she joined the choir in high school and recorded songs every day with her elder brother who had a guitar. She became friends with her music teacher, who gave Tems access to professional help with her music at a young age. She learned how to play the piano and heavily consumed everything from Asa, Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Beyoncé and Rihanna, for their authentic emotional content.
She writes, sings and produces her music by herself, and when her three specialities come together, it becomes a beautiful whole. Tems pushed her best music to the world and the world accepted her realness and amazing music, with love, which has made her a star for everyone else to see. She has testified to the world how beautiful it is to achieve goals.
In Life, it takes so much dedication of time and energy to grow vigorously or to progress toward or realize a goal despite of circumstances.
To make steady progress or to be at the high point in one's career in life or to gain high point in historical significance or importance all it cost is a plan and vision.
Beauty for a Better World
My story: "No matter the condition of problems and challenges in life, as long as one never gives up and relent in others to aim for better days, dreams will surely come true, when we find our purpose in life. This will help us make the world a better place."