Our new global digital project Beauty for a Better World 2020 launches an open-call for creatives to share their representation of pure beauty.


As a much-needed respite and antidote to the fear, anxiety and dark reality that has engulfed 2020, our collaborative art project is an open-call for artists, designers, students and beyond to demonstrate what beauty means to them. Now more than ever, we believe that during such challenging moments as this, the transformative power of art should be amplified.

Beauty that takes your breath away, beauty that momentarily transports you, beauty that forces physiological changes to occur – is more important than ever. As with Beauty Without Irony, Beauty for a Better World 2020 will be a long-running and ultimately, uplifting project. It begins with you and your submission.


What does beauty mean to you? Show the world using your preferred medium and share this call-out to your network.

*The easiest option is to send your photo (no more than 1 MB ) or the link to your video plus a screenshot, directly to ninette@beautywithoutirony.com  with your name, title of the photo or video,  your website (if you want that mentioned) and a quote about what pure beauty means to you.

*Artists can also submit their definition of beauty  to: www.addictLab.com/project/71

* For students and recent graduates, we have partnered with ARTSTHREAD and encourage you to submit your work there.


The more beauty and positive energy we can share in the world, the better!

Through Addictlab, our partner in Geneva, we support the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD’s) of the United Nations. In particular goal nr 3, ‘Good Health and Well-being’. Due to the pandemic, half of the world’s population (over 4 billion people) is said to be suffering from stress, anxiety and/or depression and we hope to inspire at least some of them by showing them there’s still a lot of beauty in the world and it’s accessible to everybody.

If you have any questions or other feedback, please email our creative director, ninette@beautywithoutirony.com


Back in the summer of 2001, the social platform Beauty Without Irony launched as a reaction to the jadedness, superficiality and darkness in editorials and advertisements -too much irony, not enough compassion and real feelings. Then we asked hundreds of artists, designers and other creatives to share a photo, video, poem, music or other work that represented pure beauty to them. Our goal was simple: inspire people and make them forget about their daily problems for a while -and this resulted in a beautiful exhibition, a digital platform and later the DAA First Decade book.


As with Beauty Without Irony, Beauty for a Better World 2020 will be a long-running and ultimately, uplifting multi platform project. New images and artworks are already coming in daily and we are now ready to take it to the next level.

The Better World Team includes Ninette Murk (creative director), Jens Laugesen (advisor and editor), Alex Hidalgo (social media manager), Sean Black (photographer and educator), Giel Domen (photographer), Jan Van Mol (Addictlab), Katie Dominy and Alex Brownless (Arts Thread), Carl Navarro (Recess Assembly), Kym Nelson (writer) and Steve Salter (journalist).

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