Van Hechter

I am a singer/songwriter/producer and artistic director. I own Isotop Records. My mission: to create beauty through sounds, words and visuals with always an edge of humor. True beauty doesn't take itself seriously. It just exists--- it never needs to feel superior nor to compare itself- as it understands its uniqueness.
About Love Elastic:
I was conceived in Fort Lauderdale. My parents got engaged on a specific strip of beach called Sebastian (before it was the gay bit) where they had been escaping regularly for years to just be---- lovers. As a kid they took me there. I was happy. It was our ''fetish'' vacation location. On my 4th Birthday, mom died. And I returned alone with my father each year well into my teens-- bitter sweet each time.
Flash forward many years; I have cancer/recover from it/dad had died by then and I decided to revisit my childhood beach during my post-surgery down time...
Boom; I meet my husband EXACTLY sitting where I'd been building sand castles. We get engaged--- on Sebastian. We spend 6 fantastic years together and suddenly he gets a dream job offer abroad. I push him to accept. I can't allow him to miss out on his destiny...
This pushes me to write ''Love Elastic''! The idea being: ''Because true love isn't possessive, it is flexible, its shape morphs through time, it rarely breaks; -- it is elastic''
He filmed the video for the song--- we returned to the beach one last time. It was magical- a wonderful way to say goodbye. It's by far my favorite clip. And Fort Lauderdale remains sacred in my heart... I visit Europe, more exotic locations- more glamorous ones; nothing beats Sebastian to me!
Date video: 17/08/2020