Olivier Theyskens

Title: Walk
To be pure, Beauty has to create an emotion, not any type of emotion; I believe it creates an emotion in you so sudden it connects you instantly with deep down feelings, what you might be in constant search for without finding it and then “BAM!” it’s there and suddenly it’s gone, with all what it has of preciosity. Or it might bring you to a contemplative state, an understanding, a surging questioning, a mesmerising vision of pure beauty, rarely fabricated, often accidental, many times connected to the true sense of living. Pure beauty is in essence valuable for who can be sensitive to it. About the photo: "'Moment de grâce' walking the other day in a field toward this apparently immobile crow, it suddenly took off when I came upon it. It is me willing to fly away, it is me willing to be a bird, to experience what is beyond ourselves."