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Biological and alive: the new materials of our life


Fabrics made with tea, sugar and yeast, dyeing with bacterial inks, products that can construct themselves, 4d printing. And all this is happening now!

Suzanne Lee started as a fashion designer without scientific background but with a strong passion for sustainable materials. Her first collaboration with a biologist in 2010, led to a series of jackets made of living microorganisms – no animal skin, wood, or complex synthetic formations.

What drove Suzanne further to be a “bioneer” is how a single experiment can lead to a landscape of new ideas. What would happen if people would start to create they own materials as they experiment in their gardens and kitchens? Which is actually happening.

She managed to create a network for chemical labs, artisans and enthusiasts to come together to reinvent the material reality around us. What is important, is that we become a part of it as well. To reactivate our ethical conscience and creativity, think of new materials for our clothes, homes and businesses, and maybe to grow our own bacteria fabric in our bathroom as well!

Get inspired: http://www.biocouture.co.uk/

Documentary: The Next Black – A film about the Future of Clothing, where you can also see other fashion innovators talking about their work


Story: Elena Bounty

Photography: Biocouture