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Let’s Help The Refugees Together

Italian navy rescue asylum seekers child in calais

Sometimes an event is touching our lives in such a substantial way that everything else takes second place. Over 60 million refugees are trying to escape violent situations in their home countries right now, because of their sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs or other ‘reasons’ that make fanatics decide they have the right to hurt or even kill them. Many of these refugees are on the run for a very long time, taking dangerous trips over seas, loosing all their belongings -and sometimes even their children who get killed/drown- along the way … only to be received with suspicion, distrust and even hate when they reach a calmer country where they would like to try and rebuild their lives.

Please understand that most of these people did not choose to be in this situation: they just happened to be born in the wrong place at the wrong time. In other words: this might as well have happened to you, but thankfully it didn’t. What is your reaction when you realise this? Do you think these people are all potential terrorists (in our opinion that’s exactly who they are running away FROM), trying to steal your daughters and your job, or do you want to reach out and help these unfortunate women, men and children who are often forced to sleep out on the streets or in flimsy tents, which puts them in dangerous situations all over again.

As creative platform for social change Beauty without Irony and its offshoot Designers against AIDS aim to make the world a more beautiful and fair place, we decided to put our networks together and to do a call-out on our social media channels for warm clothes, shoes, blankets, hygiene kits and other useful items to donate to the refugees in Calais and in the larger cities all over Europe where they flee too. After all, most people here have more clothes than they know what to do with, so why not donate them to these refugees who more often than not only have the one set of clothes they’ve been wearing on their arduous trip?

What You Can Do

If you live in Belgium you can drop off your donations in Antwerp or Brussels. You can learn more the project on our new Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/helpfortherefugees

Please like the Page, share it with your network, motivate companies to also get on board and donate items and do whatever you can to help these families. Just because you can.

For all other countries: we hope that people will follow our example soon, as winter is coming and the nights will be long and very cold. We can’t help all 60 million refugees, but I sure hope that we can help more than a few!