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‘Beauty Overdose’ presents a ‘Little Sun’ presentation at Sterckshof Castle

‘Beauty Overdose’ presents:

Little Sun presentation by Andrea Heuer at Sterckshof Castle

Designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen, Little Sun is a practical light source as well as a work of art. Featuring the world’s most efficient solar cell, this great & playful looking lamp packs a lot of punch – it will last a long time, is extremely durable, and boasts an attractive design. But that’s not all: buying a lamp makes a global impact too! By buying a Little Sun here, you help ensure affordable solar light gets to the people who need it the most: the 1.6 billion people in the world without electricity. By delivering business starter kits and micro-entrepreneurial training to local off-grid entrepreneurs, Little Sun builds up sustainable structures, which not only deliver affordable solar lamps to people without electricity, but also generates local profits, creates local jobs and reduces the substantial environmental impact and costs associated with using kerosene lamps.

olafur eliasson and frederik ottesen, little sun, 2012

We love Little Sun and what it stands for and are very happy to host Andrea Heuer, who works for the company in Berlin and who is coming to Sterckshof Castle to tell guests all about it, in a 45 minute presentation followed by a Q&A. People can also purchase a Little Sun lamp in the castle- and if you can’t make it to this presentation (the first in a series for ‘Beauty Overdose’), the Little Sun Lamps will be for sale in Bar Stark for the duration of the ‘Beauty Overdose’ expo (July 30- September 25) and we’re building a very special installation in the castle grounds featuring no less than 144 Little Sun lamps- stay tuned!



Where: Sterckshof castle, 1st floor (use the entrance over the small bridge and then follow the signs to ‘Beauty Overdose’)

When: July 30, 3pm- 4pm

How much: Free entrance

Please RSVP to: ninette@beautywithoutirony.com so we know how many people to expect. Hope to see you there!