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Meeting My Own Flag For The Very First Time


Today Matteo and I went into Essaouira to take photos and videotape the 70 flags, as finally the wind has picked up- 8 days after the opening- so we could actually see the art works that are printed on them!

First we went to see a few of our expo locations in the medina and then we walked towards the seaside and when I saw my flag (called ‘Sunset in Auberge Tangaro’) I let out a very unladylike yelp and rushed towards the flag, that’s flanked by the flag of Spanish artist Daniel Riera on one side and by the design of another Spanish artist Javier Barcala, on the other side- sandwiched by hot Spanish hunks, as it were.  Thankfully Matteo was near to film the proceedings and you can see a still from his new movie, that will be in a theatre near you soon, here. Thankfully, no pole dancing was involved. If you want to see the entire photo album and other updates, please like our Facebook page ‘Air/Port 2013 in Essaouira, Morocco’ – hope to meet you there!