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Project 91

One of the beneficiaries of AIR/PORT is Project 91. Project 91 helps disadvantaged young people in Essaouira, complete their education and to develop new skills that enables them to find work. They do this through providing small grants to help families cover the costs of schooling; organizing and sponsoring vocational training such as English classes, hairdressing and other trades that are easy to setup and start earning. They also organize workshops for the local community such as the upcoming RECYCLAGE with Collen Cassar, which will teach upcycling old clothes into toys, jewellery and fashion accessories to local women, that will run from the 22nd of June to the 8th of July. Another great initiative of theirs is the Leave Your Wardrobe In Morocco, where tourists are invited to leave part some of their clothing items and make room for their new acquisitions.

We are very happy to support this kind of charities that empower young people in practical ways, helping them get on their feet of their own means. Power to you Project 91, we love your work… For more info, check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/project91essaouira